Police Brutality

Dozens of former New Orleans police officers who were removed for misconduct are now working for other police departments.

A civil trial is scheduled to begin January 30 in Baltimore County Circuit Court.

A Pennsylvania judge has sentenced the rapper to two to four years behind bars for violating his probation.

The police response to a high school fight was under scrutiny after a pair of teenage brothers were arrested for violence against officers in Kentucky.

Now at age 30, I look at the police in an entirely different light than the superhero that I painted my grandfather to be.

An officer shot Leon Ford five times after misidentifying him as a gang member.

I’m not a “racist goon,” says Officer James Frascatore, who insisted he did nothing wrong in the alleged racial profiling case.

At least 217 people were killed following a powerful earthquake that devastated Mexico City on Tuesday.

To be entirely clear: not a single one of them will be held criminally responsible.

On the anniversary of the death of Mike Brown Jr., one writer reflects and remembers the moment that catalyzed a movement in Ferguson.

"Since we've got more racists in Hamilton County than not, we basically can't get a conviction— that's what we were told."