“To write a letter is to send a message to the future; to speak of the present with an addressee who is not there, knowing nothing about how that person is (in what spirits, with whom) while we write and, above all, later: while reading over what we have written." ― Ricardo Piglia, "Respiración artificial" #FreeBrittneyGriner

"I hope that this moniker inspires people to understand that all it takes is one good hombre, one good person to stand up against evil, against hate, to create a better world, and any one of us can choose to be that person every single day.” - LA street artist Tood Goodman a.k.a 1GoodHombre

WNBA superstar Brittney Griner is still stuck in a Russian prison but is doing well despite her unjust imprisonment. 

The first in-depth look at how the social media platform was used during the 2016 election.

Flynn appeared in court on Friday morning and is expected to plead guilty.

The NFL may not be cutting Colin Kaepernick a check any time soon, but his reported new book deal will.

A recent report published by CNN is exploring the possibility of Pokémon Go being used by a Russia-linked "Don't Shoot Us" campaign to meddle in the 2016 election.