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YouTuber Causes Riot In New York's Union Square With Video Game Unit Giveaway

Source: Alexi J. Rosenfeld / Getty

Kai Cenat‘s getting off pretty easy for the riot he caused last August in Union Square, New York City.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has said that Cenat’s gathering of thousands of New York City teens will not result in his prosecution on charges of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly, but he’ll still face some repercussions, according to CNN.

First, he had to apologize –and leave it up on social media for at least 24 hours– which he issued on Snapchat.

“When I promoted a give-away PS5s in Union Square Park it created an unintentional dangerous situation due to the way I promoted and advertised it. The result was an unsafe situation for the people who live and work in the neighborhood, first responders, and my followers that attended the event,” the apology begins. “I apologize for the disruption and damage to the community, the park, the vehicles, and the storefronts in the area…I apologize to the first responders who had to endure the backlash of this irresponsible promotion and work to restore calm.”

Next, the courts are hitting his pockets, ordering him to pay $55,000 in restitution. And once both of those are completed, the district attorney’s office will officially dismiss the case.

It all started last August when Cenat told his millions of social media followers that he’d be in Union Square that day to give away PlayStation 5s, other electronics, and gift cards.

However, by the time Cenat arrived in the park, it was overrun by thousands of his kid fans who began to cause havoc but climbing on top of awnings, throwing things, destroying cars, and taunting police who’d arrived on the scene in an attempt to calm the unruly crowd.

As the vehicle Kai Cenat was believed to be inside fled the scene, kids were clinging to the side of the truck and fell to the ground.

Days later, it was revealed that the crowd caused thousands of dollars in property damage and injured police, which led to more than 60 arrests.

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