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2017 NBA Finals - Game Three

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The new way to build a quick win now NBA Championship contender is through free agency. Keep salary on your books clear, and wait for a generational talent to become available and sell him on the reasons you think he, and perhaps another superstar, should join your team.

That’s essentially been the way of the league since LeBron James and Chris Bosh headed to South Beach to team up with Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat.

Two teams that have had historical success and huge markets, were striking out frequently while trying to use this game plan. The New York Knicks, and the Los Angeles Lakers. While big-name free agents were leaving the teams that originally drafted them all decade, for the most part the Knicks and the Lakers were being left out. Primarily because simply put, neither of the teams were very good, and both were being poorly managed.

It wasn’t until LeBron decided to join the Lakers, for what almost everybody knows is reasons outside of basketball, that the Lakers became the cool place to be again. But the Knicks, they haven’t had their bounce-back moment yet.

Many thought it would be KD and Kyrie Irving joining them, but when KD tore his Achilles in the finals, and the Knicks hesitated on offering him a full max, KD decided to go to the Brooklyn Nets, and he likely brought Kyrie with him.

KD went on Ebro In The Morning, and basically confirmed that players in the NBA nowadays, haven’t seen the Knicks be good, so they’re not interested.

“I think a lot of fans look at the Knicks as a brand and expect these younger players who, in their lifetime, don’t remember the Knicks being good. I didn’t grow up with the Knicks, I’ve seen the Knicks in the finals, but kids coming up after me didn’t see that. That whole brand of the Knicks to them is not as cool as, let’s say, Golden State Warriors or even the Lakers or the Nets now.”

There have been rumors that KD could play as early as this year especially if the Brooklyn Nets make the playoffs. But Brooklyn has denied those rumors so it doesn’t seem like the likely, or even a smart idea, considering a lot of people close to Durant believe the Warriors rushed him back a bit.

KD also takes time to discuss his top five favorite rappers, and briefly reflects on his time in GS. Check out the entire interview below.