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JAY-Z, Team ROC– Roc Nation‘s philanthropic team– along with Yo Gotti has filed a second lawsuit against the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Team ROC has filed the second suit on behalf of 152 prisoners, at Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, who say they aren’t being treated fairly. According to PR Newswire, inmates are “forced to live in deadly environments that lack clean water, adequate food, electricity, heat, access to healthcare and clothing, among many other basic human necessities.”

The living conditions have even led to riots and inmates being left to suffer from wounds or attempt to treat themselves.

“Insert their own catheters, treat their own stab wounds, vomit up blood, teeter on the verge of diabetic comas, and suffer through seizures without medical care. Even a broken neck can go without treatment at Parchman, with the inmate being left to suffer through his injury while sleeping on exposed, steel bedsprings with no mattress,” it says in the press release.

A PSA was also included, which begins with an inmate speaking on a prisoner hanging himself and his lifeless body being left alone for hours.

The conditions are so bad that this is the second lawsuit that Team ROC has filed in just over a month. The first was filed in January on behalf of 29 inmates who claim that their “lives are in peril,” because of “inhumane conditions” and the immense amount of violence in prison.

What makes things even more suspicious, is that this isn’t the first time in Mississippi’s history that there’s been an abundance of prisoner deaths at a specific period in time. Back in 2018, Mississippi’s Department of Corrections Commissioner Pelicia E. Hall, proposed that the FBI use their resources to help investigate the death of 15 inmates that took place within one month.