UK - Culture and industry - The Vinyl Factory still cuts records in Uxbridge

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As if Amazon doesn’t have you spending a ton of bread already because of the deals, Prime Day is here. Get amped for new deals popping up on Amazon every five minutes. The madness starts tonight, July 10, at 9 p.m. EST and last until midnight July 11.

CASSIUS pulled together a few clutch items that you should definitely pick up on Amazon Prime Day.



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There’s no such thing as having too many condoms. And running to the local store in flip-flops and gray sweatpants while wearing a dad hat to grab a three-pack of condoms is very 2015. You’re much better off hitting up Amazon to browse the plethora of value packs that’ll keep you wrapped up for a while. A 100-pack going for just 18 bucks? You can’t beat that.


Book Shelves

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Nooks and Fire tablets aren’t for everyone― some people still love to turn the pages of an actual book. And with used books going for the low low and new ones not being much more expensive, books are an easy cop. Have you been eyeing Hov’s Decoded, or that latest John Greene novel? Now’s the time drop them in your cart. It’s also a great time to buy some coffee table books so you look more interesting than you actually are.


Summer calls for an affordable pair of sneakers that you can rock all season and match all your ‘fits. You need a pair that will be able to withstand those countless free concerts and muddy festivals you plan on hitting up during the summer months. After your escapades you don’t even have to clean them. We all know that dirty Vans and Chucks look better than the ones fresh out of the box.


UK - Culture and industry - The Vinyl Factory still cuts records in Uxbridge

Source: Phil Clarke Hill / Getty

While crate digging is fun, sometimes you don’t feel like looking for hours for an obscure rap album that’s probably all warped and f-cked up. Been searching for that Kelela or A Tribe Called Quest album and you’re tired of the chase? Hit up Amazon and cop the dog-eared ones for aesthetic or the fresh ones if that’s your steez.