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President Trump Welcomes Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadkar To The White House

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Coronavirus has started to infiltrate the sports world, namely the NBA and even Hollywood. But could the government be next?

President Trump hasn’t done a great job of leading the country in a time when the country needs strong direction amid a pandemic. But after initially referring to the virus as a hoax and saying the Democrats were trying to politicize it, the virus might hit home soon. According to The New York Times, a senior Brazilian official who met Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida a few days ago, has tested positive for coronavirus.

Fabio Wajngarten, the press secretary for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, posted a picture alongside Trump just a few days ago with the caption “Make Brazil Great Again.”

Made aware of the diagnosis, Trump attempted to reassure that he was fine by saying there was nothing weird about the meeting with the aide, despite the two people in the same room and standing near each other.

“We did nothing very unusual, we sat next to each other for a period of time,” Trump said, referring to Bolsonaro.

On Thursday, Trump banned travel between the United States and Europe for the next 30 days and is confident that the USA will overcome.

“The virus will not have a chance against us. No nation is more prepared or more resilient than the United States,” President Trump said.

The NBA, NCAA, NHL, and MLB have all suspended their seasons in light of the aggressive pandemic.