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Houston Rockets v New York Knicks

Source: Mike Stobe / Getty

The NBA has been on hiatus since March 11, the day Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus. In the days ensuing, the entire sports world would completely shut down. Since then, there have been no sports to get us through these boring times. And with the way things are looking by the public’s inability to affectively social distance, this likely won’t end anytime soon.

With the newfound free time that NBA players have they have frequently been on streams while playing games, along with going live on Instagram as a way to connect with their fans.

Houston Rocket Austin Rivers went live this week with basketball trainer Stanley Remy and divulged some good information. Rivers said the NBA is considering plans to have every team stationed in Las Vegas where they will have an accelerated season. They’d be using the Thomas & Mack Center, home of the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels. Conveniently, that facility has two full-size courts capable of hosting NBA basketball games. The league would allow for every team to have two practices before playing out the remaining regular-season games to determine playoff seeding.

In the playoffs, things are expected to change as well, the first two rounds are expected to be best of three series as opposed to the normal best of seven that we’d normally tune in to.

This has the potential to be super cool. Imagine an AAU environment for the NBA, or maybe it will be like the conference tournaments where games are just happening all day. I’m sure there are some logistical issues with that, but the league is likely actively working to iron those out.

But having the entire second half of the year jam-packed with all four major American sports happening at once would provide all of the entertainment we are currently missing out on because of “The Rona.”

Be safe, and please social distance guys. Let’s get this over with.