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DJ D-Nice Lincoln Party

Source: Nigel DeGraff / Lincoln Motor Company

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world, people are finding new ways to come together.

Last week, DJ D-Nice found himself yearning for a way to lift people’s spirits with music, and decided he’d use his talent of DJ’ing to get it done. So he decided to go Instagram Live playing music– oldies mixed with newer tracks and all of it impeccably blended. At first, it was a few hundred or thousands of people getting into the chat and just enjoying some music, but soon it blossomed into something much bigger.

Last Friday (March 20) his Instagram live DJ’ing session skyrocketed to 100,000 viewers with the likes of Drake, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Jennifer Lopez, and Mark Zuckerberg. Since IG lives disappear quickly, TIDAL decided to collect every song from that legendary set and made it into a playlist.

But the viewer that let him know he was onto something special was Michelle Obama.

“It’s not like I haven’t DJ-ed for her before, I just froze up,” he told Gayle King. “I was like ‘I don’t know what to play,’ and then the music faded and I was like ‘Oh, I know what she loves. She loves Beyonce. Let’s play that.’”

Born Derrick Jones, he recently caught up with Jimmy Fallon to talk about how #ClubQuarantine came together.

“When you’re feeding off of a crowd, you’re trying to play for the crowd. I’m reading their body languages, I want them to hear what they want to hear,” he said. “100,000 people were in that Live to hear what I wanted to play, and I was able to play from my heart… So I was able to just do what I love and it was a beautiful experience.”