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Barber Giving A Haircut in His Shop

Source: RyanJLane / Getty

If a packed barbershop was raided nowadays, you’d think it’s because people would be getting haircuts, right? Wrong.

Apparently, Sunday night (April 19), more than 50 people were in Brooklyn‘s eNVee Barbershop on Avenue L near 87th St. in Canarsie just after 10 p.m. when police popped up to find dozens of people partying in the basement of what was supposed to be a closed down business.

Attendees came out of the barbershop one by one and were searched, cuffed, and ordered to sit on the sidewalk by local authorities.

“The officers handed out 60 summonses for violating social distancing rules — and arrested two people in connection to a gun found at the scene,” reported the Daily News. The cops took the gathering so seriously that they had a chopper flying above to make sure all in question were caught and aware of how deadly the offense was amid the coronavirus.

The big bust comes on the heels of New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, pleading and demanding with residents to stay inside, and if not to maintain 6-feet between yourself and others when you leave your house.

“Police are absolutely doing the right thing to break it up. We’re going to keep breaking things up if people need to get summonses to get the message, we’re going to do it,” said de Blasio. “And remember also in terms of the guns they picked up policing goes on, they fight to always protect public safety goes on.”

If  New Yorkers don’t comply with social distancing, they can be fined up to $1,000, so please just stay inside.

You shouldn’t be hitting up your barber for parties or a haircut, while under quarantine follow our guide on how to cut your hair at home.