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It’s been 4 long, scruffy weeks.

That Saturday morning feeling you get when you walk out of the barbershop with the fresh-cut and the witch hazel still burns your neck as the breeze hits you is gone. The look your girl gives when you see her after a fresh cut is… also gone. But it doesn’t have to be.  Now –as we’re all being responsible citizens and social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic— is the time to learn how to be self-sufficient and learn how to maintain your haircut so you’ll never be in (dire) need again.

 Diddy, who’s Hip-Hop royalty at 50-years-old hasn’t been able to get a fresh haircut like the rest of us but also hasn’t gotten his hair dyed. The elder statesman has been showing off the salt and pepper beard and the grey that’s been creeping up the sides of his head too.

Kevin Hart is another celeb that’s been showing off the distinguished look while being cooped up in the house. But DJ Khaled has had the most significant transformation. Khaled is known for getting a haircut several times a week, but a month away from his barber has him looking like an entirely different person. However,  2-time NBA champ Ray Allen has decided to proudly let his top go missing while stuck at home and is growing (what’s left) of the hair on top of his head and wants others to do the same.

Even Jalen Rose, who’s known for having one of the crispest line ups in the game, is struggling right now. So we know you are.

Here are a few simple steps to keep you looking kempt in the times of quarantine.

1. Buy The Right Clippers

Bevel Source:Courtesy of Amazon

A good handyman never blames his tools, unless you’ve got some shitty clippers. The key to a good cut is a solid pair of clippers, and they usually won’t even cost you a ton. These $20 Wahl clippers are perfect for newbie thanks to the color-coded guards that will keep you aware of how much you’re taking off. If you want to ball out, you could always cop the $200 Nas-approved Bevel clippers. But beyond cutting, you’ve gotta know how to line up. And for that, you’ll need the trusty Andis T outliner, the gray and burgundy clippers are a staple in any barbershop.

2. Do The Deed In Your Bathroom

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This should go without saying, but trimming in your bathroom is the safest place. Not only does it provide for an easier cleanup because of the tile floor, but it often offers the best lighting in your crib. Use the mirror above your sink as a guide. Also, cop a hand mirror to help see what’s going on in the back of your head. Shaping up your neckline isn’t going to be easy, so cleaning just the stray hairs should be enough. Just be careful how you closely you shave so ingrown hairs don’t become a problem.

3. Wash Your Hair

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Giving yourself a trim with all that pomade in your hair is not a good move. For starters, the clippers won’t cut smoothly through those waves you’ve been working on, and it’s impossible to get an even cut. Make sure your hair is clean and dry before you start. Wet hair is longer than dry hair, and you could accidentally cut off way more than you mean to. Walking around with a light caesar instead of your usual 5 might not be a good look for you.

4. Keep It Simple, Buzz Cut Season Is Here

Man shaving in barber shop Source:Getty

That crisp fade or tape up you’re used to might be hard to do yourself, but it’s worth a try with your guards. If the top of your head is a 5 guard and the bottom is a 3, blend them with a 4 guard. You should use that same method when blending your head into your beard. It takes some finesse to get right, but with some practice, you’ll be fine. Most importantly, before you take the clippers to your head, please have an idea of what style you’re aiming for. But if you’re tired of trying to maintain a complicated cut just go for a buzz cut. Put a 1 or 2 guard on the clippers and shave it all off. Who knows, you might like it and never need to visit your barber ever again.

5. …Or Don’t, And Try Something New

Chavosos Source:Courtesy of Hick Duarte

Been wanting to try out the handlebar mustache? Do it? Want to pull out the Ron Jeremy-esque ’70s porn star ‘stache? Do it? Want to bring back the pencil-thin chin strap like Lloyd Banks in the early aughts? Do it. Now is the time to try something you’ve been itching to do because you’ll be stuck inside for a while. The only thing we won’t cosign is putting slits in your eyebrows because sometimes those don’t grow back, and you don’t want to find out the hard way. And please remember to sanitize your shaved area with witch hazel– alcohol is too harsh and leaves dark marks.