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Michael Jordan's Agent Claims Scottie Pippen Was Jealous of The Goat


Since the arrival of the Michael Jordan Doc, The  Last Dance, the hot takes have been flying.


Sports fanatics have been loving every minute of the ESPN x Netflix sports documentary, The Last Dance that is giving us a rare behind the scenes look of Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls final championship run. Since it premiered, the takes and hypotheticals have been flying. This now leads us to Michael Jordan’s agent during his playing days, David Falk.

The long-time veteran agent hopped on 106.7 FM’s The Junkies on NBC Sports Washington on Wednesday (Apr.29) for an eye-brow raising interview where he some interesting things to say. During the conversation, he added his two cents on the barbershop debate on whether Jordan would dominate in today’s NBA. His answer, of course, was yes and that MJ would average 50-60 points.

“With virtually zero defense, no hand-checking, I think if Jordan played today; if he was in his prime in today’s rules, I think he’d average between 50 and 60 a game. I think he’d shoot 75% from the floor. If you couldn’t hand-check him, he would be completely unstoppable.”

“Now that I watch [the documentary], I realize that, unless you’re legally blind, you can’t possibly think that there’s another player who ever played the game that’s remotely in the league that he’s in. Nobody.”

He wasn’t finished either. Falk also alluded that Jordan’s wingman, Scottie Pippen was jealous of the goat, putting into question Pip’s toughness and competitive drive.

“Pippen has a certain level of jealousy towards Michael. He has said recently many times he thinks LeBron’s a better player. Now, if you’re Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan made your career, completely made your career; even if you think that, keep it to yourself.”

“Scottie’s problem, as the documentary points out in so many different places after the episodes you’ve seen, is that he wasn’t a great competitor. There were times for silly reasons. The migraine; you think that Michael Jordan [would do that] unless he had his leg amputated?” 

Interesting, again, all hot takes, of course. We can’t wait to see episodes 5-6 of The Last Dance on Sunday (Apr.3). You can peep a sneak peek where Jordan talks about the night he shed blood while rocking a pair of Jordan 1s that were a size too small.