The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Source: NBC / Getty

Whether it’s the Grape Jordan 5s that Will Smith often wore or fresh Columbia 11s he’s rocking when waving goodbye to the show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a certified sneakerhead.

Back in 2013, Nike dropped The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Jordan 5s complete with a grey upper and neon hits to pay homage to the bright and loud outfits that Smith would rock back in the 90s. With such a strong cultural tie to the show, Jordan is back again with another model of the 5 repping the sitcom. Similar to the 2013 pair, the only difference is the white leather upper, thanks to a detailed look by WaveGod_TheLegend.

The midsole, designed to resemble fighter jets, are bright as ever and are perfect to rock during the summer. The rear even features mismatch Jumpmen– one is lime with a neon blue backing, and the other is bright pink with a yellow shadow.

While we don’t know if we’ll be allowed outside in time to stunt, they do reportedly drop in August for $200.

Real sneakerheads will remember that back in 2018, Jordan put together a special Jordan 5 to commemorate Will Smith’s 50th birthday.

“You can’t talk about the Fresh Prince without talking about his Jordans. He was fresh, he was fly, and he definitely had a way of creating a look of his own with his footwear. Wearing Air Jordan icons during his on-screen come up, Will Smith’s youthful style helped further cement the Air Jordan line’s place in pop culture. Now in 2018, his own unique touch on the original Air Jordan V becomes a footwear reality,” Nike said at the time.

The Grape 5s were a staple on the show, so the brand made a limited release edition that has Will’s hometown of West Philadephia embossed on the tongue, and are laceless– a practice he made popular on the show. The insoles may be the most memorable of the era’s style since they have “Air Jordan” printed in the show’s iconic font and are yellow and pink striped throughout.

And don’t even get us started on the Friends & Family version that had an entirely gold upper…