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Roberto Escobar,  the brother of kingpin Pablo Escobar, is suing Apple for an unprecedented $2.6 billion, he is making accusations that someone hacked his iPhone and found his address via Facetime.

Despite his claims, Apple continues to reassure that their tech and specifically the iPhone X model that Escobar has is the most secure on the market.

According to the lawsuit, Escobar claims that a man sent him a life-threatening letter after finding his address via the hack. Escobar claims that he was forced to relocate over fears of his safety. He also says he spent a lot of money on increasing the security measures, he is also suing for emotional distress.

While Escobar admits there have been attempts to take his life prior to his iPhone being breached, he mentions that the sole reason for acquiring an iPhone was to ensure his safety. Escobar then claimed to have done his own investigation, and that is when he discovered it to be “vulnerable.”

This could all be part of a giant marketing scheme since Escobar Inc is selling a limited edition gold-plated iPhone 11 Pro for $499 through a site he owns, aptly deemed

“This is my way of fighting Apple, I sell their phones at a lower price, and mine are gold-plated with nice girls showing them off. Apple can never do that,” Roberto Escobar said in a statement on his youtube channel.

In the unlikely event that Apple does give $2.6 billion to the Colombian kingpin’s brother, Escobar says he will share the cash with other iPhone owners, ultimately donating it all.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of actually buying one of the Escobar phones, here’s some proof that maybe you shouldn’t until the, uh, kinks get worked out…