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The Weeknd Donates $500K To Black Lives Matter & The National Bailout Fund

Source: NBC / Getty

Now, this is how you help the cause.


On the eve of #BlackoutTuesday, The Weeknd opened up his wallet and reportedly donated $500K to help the Black Lives Matter movement and national bailout funds. The Canadian’s generous donation comes right on time as it is being estimated that thousands of protestors have been arrested and more than likely don’t have the money to make bail.

Before the social media protest kicked off, The Weeknd urged fellow celebrities with “big pockets” to help out and not only give $50, looking at you VIRGIL.

“Keep supporting our brothers and sisters out there, risking everything to push for actual change for our black lives,” he wrote. “Urging everyone with big pockets to give and give big, and if you have less, please give what you can even if it’s a small amount. #blacklivesmatter.”

Reportedly the money will be divided up with $200,000 going to the Black Lives Matter Global Network, $200K to Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights campaign, and $100,000  the National Bail Out Just Jared reports. The Weeknd was the only Canadian superstar to step up to the plate, Drake also opened up his wallet and donated $100K to the National Bail Out fund as well.

Now, this is how you put your money to good use. Salute to both Drizzy and The Weeknd.

Photo: NBC / Getty