Virgil Abloh Called Out On Twitter For Miniscule $50 Donation

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Every little bit helps, but a lot of folks believe Off-White creator, Virgil Abloh, did the bare minimum.


The Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton and CEO of the insanely popular streetwear brand Off-White is currently feeling the heat on Twitter. Social media is presently taking Virgil’s marker and writing in his signature Helvetica font CHEAP across his hoodie. Abloh shared on his Instagram stories that he donated $50 to bail funds to help Miami protestors who are arrested while on the streets demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and other Black victims of police brutality.

To make matters worse, he even challenged others to match his donation, which caught eye rolls up and down the timeline.

Virgil shared the post after he spoke on the looting of Black-owned streetwear boutiques and explaining why he said: “streetwear is dead.”

“Streetwear is a community. It’s groups of friends that have a common bond. We hang out on street corners, fight with each other, fight for each other.”

“Streetwear” is a detachment to the above. “Streetwear” is yelling and shop staff, starting fights at lineups, defaming us cause we didn’t get enough pairs of shoes cause everyone can’t get a pair.”

“Streetwear is a group of friends that I’m surely was like, “C’mon guys, this is Sean’s store, we can’t treat him, like this, we know Sean…”

“Streetwear is a culture. “Streetwear” is a commodity.”

“Streetwear” is I need this t-shirt or pairs of shoes …. by any means necessary….”

Well, Twitter wasn’t feeling any of what he had to say. We will just chalk this up to Virgil, not reading the room. You can see all the responses to Virgil’s “donation” below.

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