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As so many other businesses have done in the past week because of George Floyd’s death, Adidas issued a statement on their Instagram denouncing racism and standing with the black community. They also used this moment as a rare stance of solidarity with Nike, one of their top competitors.


Despite this apparent stand against racism, some adidas employees who are coming out and saying that they experience racism at the brand’s office, and they’re accusing the three stripes of making an empty statement.

According to Footwear News, Apparel Director for Adidas Originals, Julia Bond, sent a letter to Adidas leadership accusing the brand of being “consistently complacent” in regards to what is happening in America.

“My existence at this brand is praised as diversity and inclusion, but when I look around, I see no one above or around that looks like me,” Bond reportedly wrote. “I can no longer stand for Adidas’ consistent complacency in taking active steps against a racist work environment. This is not business as usual.”

Bond said she elected not to release this statement anonymously because she hopes her position will provide greater impact and let people know that racism is a thing on all levels, no matter how smart, talented, or rich you may be.

“Adidas has shown that there is a high tolerance for racism…How many times have I gone into HR about a racist incident—only to be met with responses about the inflictors intent versus their impact-thus negating my experience?” Bond’s letter describes.

Bond doesn’t plan to just issue this statement, she and her co-workers will start protesting adidas until a formal apology is issued.