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Now more than ever, it’s obvious we can’t depend on every celebrity in the fight against racism, police violence, and systemic oppression. But Will Smith is a man of the people.

In honor of the growing unrest around the world, as the nation and other countries come together to fight back in the name of Black lives, the Fresh Prince posted a video he’s calling ‘No Justice, No Peace.’ In it, you’ll see nearly three minutes of clips and photos that embody the spirit of the issues at hand, with words from historical figures like Nelson Mandela, President Barack Obama, and current demonstrators included.

“You always have a fight you don’t see coming,” Smith says on camera in the beginning of the clip. “I think that there’s a historical river that is running red with the blood of truth tellers. The beauty of being American — when we’re scared, we reach for our higher selves not our lower selves.”

Posting the montage to IG TV, he quoted Frederick Douglass in the caption, saying “The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.”

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