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Muhammad Ali Jr. believes that his father would have hated “the racist” Black Lives Matter protest as he believed it was pitting black people against everyone else. Jr. also believes Derek Chauvin, the officer who killed George Floyd, was just doing his job.

On what was the fourth anniversary of his father’s death, Jr opened up to The Post about the current political climate and racial unrest throughout the United States, and a lot of his answers may surprise you.

“Don’t bust up s–t, don’t trash the place,” he told The Post. “You can peacefully protest. My father would have said, “They ain’t nothing but devils. My father thought, ‘all lives mattered.’ I don’t think he’d agree.”

Ali Jr. is sure his father would have thought the Black Lives Matter movement was ‘racist’ and would have been a Donald Trump supporter if he was alive today. The famed boxer was also an avid defender of law enforcement, “police don’t wake up and think, ‘I’m going to kill a n-gger today or kill a white man,’” he said. “they’re just trying to make it back home to their family in one piece.”

Ali Jr. sides with Donald Trump that Antifa was responsible for violence during Floyd protests and rightfully declared a terrorist organization.

“They’re no different from Muslim terrorists. They should all get what they deserve. They’re f–king up businesses, beating up innocent people in the neighborhood, smashing up police stations and shops,” he added. “They’re terrorists — they’re terrorizing the community. I agree with the peaceful protests, but the Antifa, they need to kill everyone in that thing.

Currently, a resident of Hallandale, Florida, Ali struggles to make money to pay the bills and keep the lights on, he says he only gets $1,000 monthly payment from his father’s estate, which is said to be worth upwards of $60 million.

Ali was estranged from his father for the last decade of Sr.’s life and blames the tension on his stepmother.