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Colin Kaepernick NFL Workout

Source: Carmen Mandato / Getty

If any good has come out of the weeks of protesting, looting, calling out Karens its that small moments of justice are finally coming to light.

And now, that includes Colin Kaepernick getting another chance to join a team and be a part of the NFL once again. That’s right– according to NFL Network’s Mike Garrafolo, the talks that have begun with Kap’s associates are already more substantial then they’ve been in recent years.

“Teams are circling around here getting closer, I believe, certainly closer than they’ve been in recent years,” Garafolo said Friday on NFL Network. “Now you might say why not just go directly to Kaepernick, go directly to his agent? Why do you have to play this game where you’re working the periphery — just more of the same? That would be a fair point. My understanding, at least to explain it from a team’s perspective, is they’re still doing their homework, still doing their research. When they get to the point where they’re confident enough that they think they can work out a contract, that’s when there’ll be direct communication with the agent. But for now … we all see more positive signs that Kaepernick could be back in the league soon.”

Kap’s most recent attempt to return to the league came back in November of 2019 when the Atlanta Falcons offered him a tryout. However, nothing went as planned, and the 25 team representatives that did show u were caught off guard when Kaepernick changed the site of the workout to a local high school field last minute.

Just two weeks ago, Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn, who is a Black an said that any team would be crazy to not at least have the 32-year-old on their radar for a workout. Plus, with Roger Goodell encouraging organizations engage with the former super Bowl-caliber QB, it seems like black cloud may have finally been lifted.