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President Trump Hosts Kanye West And Former Football Player Jim Brown At The White House

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Despite recent reports, it appears Kanye West’s quest to become president is still alive and well.

Late Sunday, West announced he will be holding the first event of his campaign in South Carolina on Sunday at 5 p.m. The event will be held at the Exquis Event Center in North Charleston, and according to a statement, it is “for registered guests only.”

If you’d like to attend the event, you must first sign up at West’s new campaign site For one thing, the event is way more progressive than a Trump rally since all attendees will be asked to sign a COVID-19 liability release form, and all guests must wear a mask.

On Saturday, he tweeted out locations where people can sign for him to be on the South Carolina ballot, saying, “Hi guys please sign up to put me on the ballot in South Carolina at any of these locations. You can also sign up at the website”

According to ABC, West’s presidential qualifications in South Carolina are a bit confusing because the deadline has already passed– to file signatures as an independent candidate, it must be complete by July 15.

West’s ambitions to run the country may be outlandish, but it surely has been on his mind for the past few years.

“When I run for president in 2024… What y’all laughing at? “I’m not going to run, I’m going to walk. What they’re saying is Kanye’s crazy one, and three African Americans are in jail and all the celebrities are in jail also because they can’t say nothing because they’re so scared,” he said at Fast Company’s Innovation Festival in 2019.

This is a complete about-face from reports earlier this week that despite Kanye taking the proper steps to officially have his name included on the ballot as a third-party candidate and hoping to secure the necessary 132,781 signatures, he would be bowing out.

Kanye’s team hired Steve Kramer to help with his campaign, who said that the 2020 bid would be canceled.

“He’s out,” he said. “I’ll let you know what I know once I get all our stuff canceled. We had over 180 people out there today,” said Kramer.

Not everyone is too happy to see Kanye on the ballot, mainly because he would be splitting votes from the Democratic party and Joe Biden, thereby increasing the likelihood Trump would be reelected.