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Kanye West Team of Petitioners Hop On Private Jet Secure Signatures

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Kanye West’s bootleg presidential bid is pushing on. In a scramble to get West on more presidential ballots, his team of petitioners is now using a private jet to hop across the country to help continue this mess.


TMZ is exclusively reporting that West is still dead set on trying to ruin our lives and do whatever he can to siphon away votes from Joe Biden with his ridiculous run for the White House. Sources close to the situation told the celebrity gossip site that West’s team of petitioners he hired, hilariously named “Let the Voters Decide,” hopped on a PJ to rush to Montana to get his petitions signed in time to he can be on the ballot.

TMZ reports that there was already a team on the ground racking up signatures and that the petitioners who hopped on the jet were just reinforcements to help cover more ground. Even worse news, Team Ye is simultaneously on the ground in Utah, ensuring he makes the ballot in that state as well and that his plan has been successful.

Per TMZ: