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Doja Cat has been running up a bag lately.

She jumped onto the scene in 2018 when she dropped the catchy song entitled “Mooo!” She was perceived as a joke at first–after all, she was dressed as a cow in the video while rapping, “B-tch, I’m a cow, bitch, I’m a cow

I’m not a cat, I don’t say meow” Was the song silly? Yes. But the infectious hook jolted the track into virality in a matter of days. Of course, it didn’t showcase Doja Cat’s –born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini– true rapping ability, but it put her name in circles she previously had never been in and on ton’s of people recommended videos to watch on YouTube. Then, with that new cache to her name, she began to really show off her rapping skills and the ability to create a hook that stuck in your head for days.

Plus, she’d create an equally as memorable visual to go along with the track. One of the best videos has to be the Tyga-assisted Juicy, where she not only gets her bars off but shows off her shape in the name of body positivity while dressing up as fruit.

“Sometimes, I can see my ass from the front,” she told MTV about the suggestive song. “So then I was like, if you can see it from the front, wait until you see it from the back. And then I thought that was the coolest thing in the world, the greatest hook ever.”

In celebration of Doja Cat’s birthday, check out some of her sexiest Instagram shots below.

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