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Barack Obama Campaigns With Joe Biden In Michigan 3 Days Ahead Of Election

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Drake might have just gotten the biggest nod of approval in his career.

No, it wasn’t a rap legend giving him props for his bars or a singer complimenting him on his melodies; instead, it regards his first love– acting. President Barack Obama recently sat down with Complex’s Speedy Morman to talk about his new memoir, A Promised Land, own experiences with racism, defunding the police, the Covid-19 vaccine and much more. But beyond that, the conversation did have some fun moments, which included 44 being asked how he’d feel about the possibility of Drake playing him in a biopic, and he’s down to see it on the big screen.

“I will say this: Drake seems to be able to do anything he wants,” Obama said. “That is a talented, talented brother. So if the time comes and he’s ready? You know what, Drake has — more importantly, I think — my household’s stamp of approval. I suspect Malia and Sasha would be just fine with it.”

The conversation on music didn’t stop there, as Obama also addressed his recent comments about “the bling, the women, the money” of hip-hop and its sometimes gaudy showing compared to the way Trump’s presidency went– it’s all for show and often fake.

Obama revisited the statement saying that the culture can harm young boys because those lyrics have power and are impressionable.

“You’re speaking to a president who brought Common, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole into the White House, whose every playlist has Hip Hop,” he said. “So, I am the first to recognize the power of Hip Hop, not just as music, but as social commentary. I am a huge fan of all kinds of rappers, and many of them are my friends. So, what is true through, and I think, you know, every time I make a statement like this, I get pushed back, and I’m like, ‘Come on y’all, what, you’re not listening to these lyrics? You’re not watching these videos?”

You can also here Obama give his true thoughts in the near hour-long interview above.