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I’ve always loved teddy bears. I’ve collected at least 15 and continue to add new friends to my cuddle crew. I sleep with as many as I can at once—I even post pictures of my favorite stuffed unicorn. I enjoy wearing onesies, talking in a baby voice to my partners and being coddled like a child. This is all normal behavior for me.

In the fetish world my desires are classified as “Little Play.” I am a little, and it is a form of role playing that allows me to indulge in childlike innocence as an adult.  I am not alone. In fact, there are thousands of littles who role play daily. Dating a little is an experience outside of the norm, yet it is fulfilling to partners who want to play with dominant and submissive roles.

If you ever date a little, and are interested in some special playtime, here are a few things you need to know.

Littles Change Their Voices to Seem Younger

Little Play isn’t typically an all-day, everyday interaction. Each couple has their own code for hitting the on switch. When it’s time to play, the little will shift her voice into a softer, higher pitch. When her voice changes it’s time for the male to get into dominant mode. She will call you daddy and be a bit demanding for attention as children often are. Just remember it’s all a part of role play. Some littles enjoy being brats. When she acts up too much, a little punishment is exactly what she wants.

Being a Little Isn’t About Sex

Littles have an affinity for childlike behavior and the parent/child power dynamic. “Little Play” is a form of role play between two adults where the woman plays a submissive “little girl,” and her partner  plays the dominant role of “daddy.” The little receives satisfaction from releasing adult responsibilities and acting out her innocence. The dominant enjoys playing the authoritative figure. Sex can be a part of  this relationship, but isn’t a necessity.

Littles Worship Daddy

The “job” of the little is to be a good girl and allow her daddy to care for her. Littles enjoy being doted on, cuddled, fed, tucked into bed or rocked to sleep. Littles love being gifted plush toys and hearing bedtime stories. She is relaxing into her feminine innocence and allowing the male to take the lead. Good “daddies” understand that littles require a balance of childlike nurturing and adult time (ex. sex).

Littles Enjoy Dress Up Time

In any type of role play, dressing the part makes the fantasy come alive. Women who like to play as littles enjoy dressing up like little girls. The baby girl or baby doll look is common for littles. This includes wearing bows, pink clothing, unicorns/unicorn colors, ruffled socks/panties, onesies, barrettes, bibs, etc. Every little is different and will have a style of dress that represents her personality. Want to show your baby girl how much you care for her? Spoil her with some new girlie clothes she would love.

Sometimes Littles Need Spankings

Spankings are for littles who’ve misbehaved. Littles sometimes like to be spanked to correct bratty behavior—they love the impactful attention, literally. It’s a turn on. Impact play isn’t enjoyed by every little, so make sure you discuss spanking before role playing. When done playfully and with love, spankings can deepen intimacy between a dominant and little.

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