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Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers

Source: Michael Hickey / Getty

What do you get when you add the best basketball player in the world to the NBA’s super team? Possibly the 2018-2019 Golden State Warriors.

According to ESPN’s Chris Haynes, the Warriors could create a max salary slot this offseason, which would get them a meeting with LeBron James. The Warriors have yet to comment on whether they’d do such a thing, but the possibilities are endless. Even more interesting is that a source also told ESPN that “out of respect for the Warriors’ winning culture” James would take that meeting if the desired cap space was cleared.

This is all a possibility because James is expected to become an unrestricted free agent this summer after he denies his $35.6 million player option. The idea of James leaving home again seemed impossible at the beginning of the season, but as tension continues to grow in Cleveland it’s starting to look like a plausible option for the King.

For starters, James’ dodgy relationship with Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cavs, has been well documented and now he’s reportedly unhappy with how close Gilbert is to Isaiah Thomas. Even after they had a team meeting a few weeks ago to air out all grievances, they still can’t seem to get their synergy together. Kevin Love suffered a finger fracture and plans to be out for several weeks. Coach Lue was planning to switch up the starting line-up that had Tristan Thompson and Love in the front court, but now that can’t happen. The February 9 trade deadline is also looming, so any trades that Love was a part of are now off the table.

Isaiah Thomas’ play could be part of the Cavs’ downward spiral as he’s currently shooting a career-worst 38.6 percent from the field, and the Cavaliers are 6-8 since he debuted at the beginning of January.

It’s on you, Bron Bron, but NBA Twitter still got their jokes off when they found out Hollywood Bron could be heading west.