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Today is World Nutella Day, and fans of the spread will be overindulging in its goodness without shame. For those who don’t use the product as a staple, it may seem like Nutella is something new, but the chocolatey-hazelnut based spread has been around for decades. Back in 1946, Pietro Ferrero created Giandujot, a more solidified version of Nutella, to stretch chocolate that was scarce and expensive in those times in Italy. In 1964, his son, Michele, created Nutella as we know it today.  The mix can be eaten on just about anything, from bread to fruit, and even straight out of the jar.

Another great use? Erotic food play. Whether you’re new to the spread, or want an excuse to turn up a little tonight, CASSIUS offers a few sensual ideas on how to celebrate World Nutella Day.

Lick it off Her Breasts

Turn things up by spreading an even coat of Nutella across your partner’s nipples and areolas and challenge yourself to lick her lady lumps clean using your tongue and lips. You can even drizzle the Nutella onto her chest to create tasty designs that you can trace with your tongue.

Suck on Nutella-Dipped Strawberries

Pick up a ripe pack of large strawberries, clean them in cool water and use them to serve Nutella to your lover. Coat the smallest part of a few of the berries with Nutella, place them on a plate, then pick one up with your mouth. Bring your partner’s face close to yours and instruct them to lick the Nutella off from the tip of the strawberry before putting the tip into their mouth. Once she bites off the tip, you can meet in the middle for a juicy kiss.


Put in On the D

Test your partner’s oral presentation skills by drizzling Nutella onto your penis for a “lick off.” You can have fun with this one by instructing your partner on exactly how to lick and suck you clean. Think of the Nutella as a teaching aid to assist your partner in perfecting that suction action. Take your time and enjoy being in control of your pleasure. You are the conductor of deliciously arousing display.


Put It In Ya Mouth

There’s nothing sweeter than a dessert made for two. Carve out a little fun play time tonight after dinner and create a Nutella sundae—all you need is ice cream and warm Nutella. Spoon feed the sundae to each other slowly, enjoying the sensations of hot and cold on your lips and tongues. Maintain eye contact whenever you place the spoon in your partner’s mouth and incorporate some sexy talk while you’re doing it. You can say things like: “I love putting things in your mouth.”


Hit Up Those Toes

Take your foot fetish fantasies to the next level by making Nutella the center of your action. How deep do you want to go? Smear the chocolate-hazelnut spread on your partner’s toes and/or on the soles of the feet and lick them clean. Finish off your foot worship session by bathing your partner’s feet in warm soapy water and massaging them with moisturizing lotion or natural body butter.

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