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Yet another rapper reveals they’d fallen sick with the coronavirus.

Toronto-born hitmaker Drake revealed in the Instagram comments that he caught the virus after someone made a comment about the heart that’s been etched into his head for the better part of the last year in support of his forthcoming Certified Lover Boy album. In a picture of Drizzy inside a recording studio, the heart was noticeably a bit lighter and didn’t look as thick as it does when he usually shows it off. That led to someone commenting, “That heart is stressed.”

Drake will sometimes pop into social media comments to prove he’s lurking, and this was one of those times, as he responded, “I had Covid that shit grew in weird I had to start again. It’s coming back don’t diss.”

Drake is just the latest rapper to reveal that he caught the highly infectious virus, Harlem’s own Jim Jones took to social media to just reveal how serious it is as he recovers.

“I was contemplating whether I should do this or keep my business to myself, but I think it’s more important for me to do this,” Jones said in a video. “I urge everybody to stay safe out there. COVID is real. I was runnin’ ‘round here thinking I was Superman and COVID knocked the socks off Superman. So I urge and encourage everybody to please continue to mask up, please continue with hand sanitizer, social distance as much as you can, try to stay away from as many packed and crowded places.”

Just a few days ago, super-producer DJ Khaled revealed that his family was also on the mend from the coronavirus and that he was grateful for everyone that checked in on him.