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ESPN's Domonique Foxworth Rips Aaron Rodgers For Trying To Play Victim

Source: Craig Barritt / Getty

Domonique Foxworth let us know how he really feels about Aaron Rodgers on ESPN

Foxworth never bites his tongue, which was definitely the case on a Wednesday morning (Dec.29) episode of Get Up. During a segment focused on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Foxworth sounded off on Rodgers after he once again questioned science during his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee Show. Rodgers was already called out for misleading everyone about his vaccination status. This time, he boneheadedly stated that science must be propaganda if people can’t question it. He also continued advocacy for the unproven COVID-19 treatment ivermectin, and claiming vaccines don’t work because of breakthrough infections.

Before Foxworth gave Rodgers a piece of his mind, Dan Graziano said the science questioning quarterback was “spewing dangerous nonsense.” Foxworth went even deeper calling out Rodgers for trying to paint himself as the victim when its him spewing out nonsense worthy of the criticism he has been receiving. Foxworth compared Rodgers to Jon Hamm’s character Drew Baird on 30 Rock, which led to the panel busting out in laughter. Like the character on the show who “lives in a bubble” created by his good looks that allowed him to be a doctor even though he couldn’t even perform the Heimlich maneuver said Rodgers is basically benefiting from the same privilege because he can throw the football.

“It just feels like he has this victim complex, that he wants everyone to feel sorry for him. He’s like ‘No, everyone’s jumping down my throat because I said something that was vastly against science and dangerous! Why are you so mean to me?!” Foxworth said.
You can peep Foxworth letting Aaron Rodgers have it in the video below.


Photo: Craig Barritt / Getty