NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers is in the tinfoil hot seat once again, this time over allegations that he spread ridiculous false flag conspiracy nonsense regarding the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting during private conversations. Rodgers—a known anti-vaxxer who is no stranger to wild and baseless conspiracy theories and white tearsy crying over “wokeness”—hasn’t come right out […]

The ongoing beef between Jimmy Kimmel and Aaron Rodgers has been taken to new heights, with the former dissing the latter for millions to watch on TV. Kimmel’s still angry about the Jeffery Epstein allegations Rodgers tossed on his name last week while appearing on The Pat McAfee Show. “There’s a lot of people, including […]

Anti-vaxxer Aaron Rodgers has always considered himself a free thinker, but now his thoughts may land him in court. During one of his frequent appearances on ESPN’s The Pat McAfee Show, he took aim at late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel with some baseless allegations. Alongside fellow sports analyst A.J. Hawk, Pat McAfee brought up the […]

The NFL season is suddenly not looking too promising for New York football fans. First, the NY Giants were getting blown out by the Dallas Cowboys 40-0 in the season opener, but it may be even worse for the Jets. The Jets were debuting their new toy, Aaron Rodgers, against the Buffalo Bills, but it only […]


Aaron Rodgers may have been a ball of confusion when it came to his vaccine status, but he knows how to secure the bag. Reportedly, the QB and the Green Bay Packers have agreed to a $200 million deal. Per multiple reports, the Packers and Rodgers have agreed to a four-year deal. According to Ian […]

One of Aaron Rodgers' former teammates didn't mince words when talking about his character.

Aaron Rodgers might want to stay off Twitter for the entire offseason because the jokes will not stop until next season.

"Friends! How many of us have them?" - Whodini, "Friends"

Domonique Foxworth let us know how he really feels about Aaron Rodgers on ESPN. 


It appears that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is more than just a professional football player—he’s also a professional at acting on the Caucasian urge to pretend to be oppressed.