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Trey Songz has once again found himself amid controversy.

Songz has previously been accused of sexually assaulting women, and not only has another situation popped up, but there seems to be video evidence. According to TMZ, Megan Johnson is accusing Songz of assaulting her during a party back in August 2013 when he allegedly pulled down her bikini top to expose her breast. A new letter from her attorneys, George Vrabeck and Ariel Mitchell, states the R&B star came up behind Johnson while at the Foxwoods Resort Casino event in Mashantucket, Connecticut, and made the inappropriate move before chanting “titties out in the open” several times.

The video appears to corroborate Johnson’s story of her body being violated, and her team says she was embarrassed and is seeking damages over lasting emotional distress and self-harm.

“I am sure this letter does not come as a surprise to you,” the letter reads. “One woman may have been mistaken, but it is unlikely that the 12+ women that have made complaints about you, including our four clients, were also mistaken. Ms. Johnson is certainly not mistaken. Perhaps the enclosed video will refresh your recollection and illustrate the certainty of your negligent and reckless behavior.”

The latest legal accusation comes just days after former Joe Budden Podcast co-host Rory revealed that the documentary about Songz’s charges will be worse than R. Kelly’s, admitting that he personally knows 15-20 women that have stories about the R&B singer.

“In 15 years, however f**k long it’s gonna be, that Trey Songz doc is gonna be crazier than the R.Kelly one,” he said during a recent live stream. “Trey Songz is the most nasty, abusive, rapey, beats the sh*t out of women. Like he’s the scum of the f***ing Earth. Trey Songz is fucking disgusting. Like, his doc is going to surpass, if you ever thought you could surpass an R.Kelly doc, I promise you in 15 years Trey Songz will. He’s an awful human being, like a terrible, terrible f***ing human being. Somebody is going to knock him the f*** out.”