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Trevor Noah looks at the persistent saga involving Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Pete Davidson, sharing why the media needs to look at this with more caution and criticism.

On the Tuesday (March 15th) edition of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Noah began by noting that celebrity-focused stories have the tendency to dominate the public’s consciousness. He stated that the current situation involving the “Flashing Lights” rapper and ex and her current beau is entering that arena. But Noah also noted that the tone has changed, citing Ye’s tone as “more and more belligerent,” pointing to the “Eazy” video that he shot which depicts the rapper harming someone who looks like Davidson in it as an example. Noah then went on to look at Eminem to illustrate the next point he had concerning West’s “art as therapy” defense of the video.

“What’s weird about the situation is Kanye West has told us that he struggles with his mental health,”  the comedian said near the top of the ten-minute long segment. “So I get it, you wanna have art as therapy. But here’s what’s weird that Kanye doesn’t understand. It’s like, what we’re seeing is—it makes you uncomfortable, man. Here’s the thing, Eminem was Eminem from the beginning. ‘I’m gonna kill my ex-wife.’ But it was his shtick and we knew it was his shtick. He wasn’t that person. With Kanye, we don’t know how to feel. We don’t know how to worry. And I think Kanye doesn’t seem to understand that. He goes, well, ‘leave me to create my art.’ Yeah but Kanye, you told us you have problems. Now when we worry about that, you say we shouldn’t worry because it’s not problems. Or it is problems? Which is it?”

Noah did call out the SNL comedian for texts with West made public, but he also reflected on the way that society tends to handle these situations lightly with regards to Kim Kardashian’s position in all of this, drawing from his own experiences growing up in a household that was abusive and specifically talking about the time his stepfather shot his mother. “Because asking Kanye to stop clearly isn’t helping but at the same time he hasn’t broken any laws, you know, so can she get him arrested? No, I don’t think so.” Of course, Kanye responded to Noah via his Instagram and had his account promptly suspended soon after.

Take a look at the entire video segment from The Daily Show With Trevor Noah below.