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2022 NBA Finals - Game Five

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The Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics in 6 games this season to win the 2022 NBA Championship. So Warriors forward Draymond Green recently visited the podcast The Old Man and the Three and shared a story of what really happened between him and Celtics forward Jaylen Brown during a moment in Game 2 when the pair briefly got tangled up.

“When Jaylen Brown went in the media and said, ‘He tried and pulled my shorts down,’ I knew I took his heart,” Green told hosts, JJ Redick, and Tommy Alter. “I knew I took his heart. And not that I’ll have it next year. I gotta regain it next year, and the next time we play them, but I knew for the rest of that series, I had him.” Well, Brown apparently heard the comment and posted his response to Green on Twitter.

“Draymond got a podcast and lost his dam [sic] mind,” the Celtics forward fired back. “You could never.”


This particular exchange is only the latest in the back-and-forth between Green and Brown. Only a few weeks earlier, the Warriors’ 4x NBA All-Defensive First Team player took a different jab at his East Coast rival.

In late January, Brown tweeted, “The energy is about to shift,” and the message became a rallying cry for the Celts and the Boston fanbase. The Celtics won 25 of their remaining 31 regular-season games, and they carried that momentum well into the 2022 NBA Finals. But after losing to the Warriors, Green posted the following answer on Twitter:

Since Green launched his new eponymous podcast in November 2021, the 4x NBA champ has taken his trolling and brashness to greater heights. But things may have gone too far between him and retired NBA player-turned-sports-analyst Kendrick Perkins.

Perkins has been one of Green’s harshest critics throughout the season. So Green took some shots at the big man on his latest episode of the The Draymond Green Show, too.

“Kendrick Perkins, you act like this clown, and it’s baffling to me. He could never be you,” he fired off at the screen, calling out the retired baller. “You know why he could never be you? Because he never done it. You go up here acting like him. You don’t have to do that, buddy. You played! You did it! Go talk about it. Or can you not? I’d hope that you can. With all these hot takes that you make, you should be able to. You don’t have to act like that, my man. You go from being enforcer to c–n. How does that happen? At least you acted like an enforcer, I didn’t really ever take you for one.”

Understandably, Perkins did not take kindly to being called a “c**n, and he ripped at Green in a now-deleted Tweet. “Hey Draymond, you good? The f-ck wrong with you? Didn’t you just win your fourth championship? What the f–k you worried about me for? What, you mad? You mad because I’m doing it my way, and it happens to work?” Perkins asked.

“I’m doing it my way. I ain’t got to do it your way… But look. Forget the old media,” Perkins continued. “Forget the new media. I’m going to stand by the old law. And the old law says all that disrespect and all that ho sh*t of calling someone a c**n, man you got me f*cked up.”

With the heat between Green and Perkins hitting new levels, NBA commish Adam Silver and legendary Detroit Pistons guard Joe Dumars spoke with Green about his choice of words. Green’s excuse was that c**n could mean something else in and around Saginaw, Michigan, where he grew up.

“I’m no idiot, I do understand the word c**n is used in a racial way,” Green said on the latest episode of his podcast. “However, I also think growing up, culturally, things are different. We all grow up in different places, we all use words different, and so for me, when I use the word – like I said, I could have very well replaced it with clown – growing up where I grew up, you may say to one of your boys’ Yo, stop acting like a c–n.’”

“And for me, it’s like, ‘stop acting corny, you’re on some weird-type stuff,” he added. “‘That’s wack, you don’t have to do that, that’s wack.’ So for me, in using the word, that’s what I was implying.” Watch the entirety of Green’s statement below in response to using the slur.