For Your Consideration For Showtime's "The Chi"

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Good news is in order if you’re a fan of The Chi.

The Lena Waithe-created show has officially been renewed for a season 6, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Showtime made the decision while season 5 is still airing on its channel on Sundays and two days early on its streaming app.

The series has been doing numbers on the network, with season four averaging 4.2 million weekly viewers, with the first on-air run making up less than 10 percent of those views. With those stats, it makes sense why The Chi is Showtime’s second-longest-running current series, only behind Billions which is currently developing its seventh season.

The show chronicles life on the south side of Chicago for young adults trying to find themselves as they come of age, and by coincidence, they’re all linked as their lives intertwine.

The coming of age series first debuted back in 2018, with Waithe making sure there was an extra sense of community woven throughout the storyline comprised of a predominantly Black neighborhood.

“For us, we’re never chasing a story, we’re always just making sure to tell one, and I think that is what Justin did so eloquently in Season 3,” Waithe said of the showrunner Justin Hillian at Deadline’s 2021 Contenders Television awards-season event. “He really took the reins and said a young black woman really should disappear in this community … it’s really about removing the cops from the storyline and letting the community really step in, and I think that was a storyline that’s timeless because Black young women, and Black youth and Black people, go missing all the time and don’t get the press that they deserve.”

In the currently airing 5th season, The Chi stars Jacob Latimore as Emmett, Hannaha Hall as Tiff, La La Anthony As Dom, Iman Shumpert as Rob, and many others.

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