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As the hype increases so do the prices.

Well, at least when it comes to one of Nike‘s most iconic models. The Nike Dunk has long been a classic kick but its popularity over the past few years has skyrocketed, and it seems like Nike wants to capitalize on that by increasing the prices. So, now the Dunk Lows, Dunk Highs, and all special editions will cost $10 more.

Special edition dunks –like CO.JP models– fluctuate in price, but there’s no doubt that another $10 will be added to the MSRP, while the Low will rise from $110 to $120 and the Highs will increase from $120 to $130.

The higher price tag will hit your pocket beginning in Q4 of 2022, but if you feel like Dunks have already been a bit more pricey lately it’s because they are– the price increased $10 already at the top of 2022.

The news comes from Twitter user Brandon1an who’s usually spot on when it comes to yet-to-be-announced sneaker news.

Hypebeast even attempted to validate the rumors by reaching out to the brand directly.

“A Nike spokesperson informed HYPEBEAST that they do not have a comment on the reported price increase at the time. However, more info on the situation is likely to surface soon,” the website writes.

Like many former utilitarian items in your day-to-day life, Dunks have evolved from their initial use as basketball sneakers which later spawned off into the Nike SB with added cushion and a beefed-up tongue for protection to become a status symbol. Now Nike’s making sure you pay up… if you’re lucky enough to win a raffle on the SNKRS app.

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