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Someone finally called LeBron James out.

King James is known for exaggerating the truth a bit regarding the books he’s read or how knowledgeable he is about the songs he attempts to recite word for word.

But on the inaugural episode of TNF in The Shop amidst the Tenessee Titans game against the Green Bay Packers, Bron’s lies got brought up while talking with Maverick Carter, Paul Rivera, Jamie Foxx, Jalen Ramsey, Rob Lowe, and Dez Bryant.

With football being the sport of play for the night, James jokes that Ramsey’s coach Sean McVay has been getting some of his plays from his Madden playbook and says he once put Ramsey in dime coverage and put him on the inside for a blitz but switched him to a quarterback spy to keep a keen eye on him.

Ramsey quickly responds to James, bringing up the running Twitter joke accusing him of lying.

“So you been saw this, Bron? You know what they’re saying on Twitter right now. They say you be cappin’,” Ramsey explains.

Bron laughed it off, adding, “Hey, listen, I always speak the truth.”

Elsewhere in the late The Shop episode, James said he’s still got an itch to play football. After all, he played for two years in high school and was offered a tryout from the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks during the NBA’s 2011 lockout.

Ramsey chimed in, saying he would have “no chance.”

James’ capping ways came to a head on social media recently when he was honoring Takeoff’s death by saying he’s been listening to Migos since 2010, even though the group’s first mixtape Jugg Season didn’t drop until 2011.

“I was listening to those guys my first year with the Heat in 2010,” LeBron said during the press conference. “You can ask any one of my teammates back then, they had no idea who the Migos was… I was like, ‘I’m telling you these guys are next.’”

Relive the history of James lying for the cameras below.

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