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Source: Nike / Nike

Nike is finally getting real about bots.

Anyone who checks the SNKRS app before getting out of bed has been frustrated when a coveted pair of kicks is sold out before you can confirm your payment details.

But now, with the introduction of Bot Protection, Nike is revealing how it protects releases from automated buyers.

So to prove to consumers Nike’s got their back, over the next few months, they’ll be adding a screen to the launch experience explaining how bots are tossed out.

The Swoosh now has a whole page dedicated to the venture, affirming how seriously they take bots and the resources they’ve put behind it.

“Nike uses a variety of tools to identify and remove bots from the SNKRS platform including advanced analytics and machine learning to verify that users and entries are authentic,” Nike explains. “There is a team of Nike engineers dedicated to dismantling bots designed to game launches. We take bot protection extremely seriously, and critically evaluate launches both in real-time, and retroactively, to evolve our defenses and remain a step ahead of bot developers.”

The sportswear giant may be advertising its protective technology now, but they’ve been doing it for years.

“Nike and SNKRS have been defending launches against bots for about seven years, with significant accuracy and success. We have added new messaging within the launch process on SNKRS as part of an effort to provide more transparency about how we validate entries. We have also taken measures within our Terms of Sale to address those who are leveraging bots and protect authentic users,” Nike writes.

In its new research, Nike reveals the brand stops as many as 12 billion bots a month. Yikes.

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