Kanye West's YEEZY 450 Sells Out In Under A Minute

Source: Yeezy / YeezySupply.com

No matter how ridiculous-looking Kanye West’s sneakers are, one thing is certain; the kicks will sell out. 

This past weekend was a big one for sneakerheads trying to cop kicks thanks to simultaneous releases, the Air Jordan 1 University Blue, and the monstrosity pictured above the YEEZY 450.

Now, if you’re one of the poor saps who wake up every Saturday morning before the clock strikes 10 AM est thinking you’re going to be one of the lucky few to get the credit cards charged confirming a purchase, chances are you didn’t. As expected, there were more Ls than Ws. There was the usual crying about the SNKRS app (which we already told you was rigged against you) combined with people actually making a strong attempt to buy Kanye West’s latest sneaker.

While it may have sounded ridiculous when he boldly rapped the opinion that his brand “jumped over the Jumpman” on a song ironically called “Facts,” he may have a point thanks to this recent release. The YEEZY 450 wasn’t met particularly well when they were first revealed, with consensus ranging from the sneakers “don’t look too bad” to the kicks being straight up ugly.

You would have to be the biggest fan of the YEEZY brand to be on record calling YEEZY 450 heat or someone who probably gets the kicks for free like super-producer Timbaland, who proudly shared a photo of himself wearing the sneakers.

Despite all of that, West’s shoes still managed to sell out. Virtual camping went as you expected on the Adidas app and YeezySupply.com and once the sneakers went on sale at 7 AM, they were immediately sold out at 7:01 AM. Now, it’s a very safe bet a good chunk of the $200 sneakers were purchased by bots, being that they immediately landed on online sneaker marketplace GOAT with prices ranging between $382- $2,000.


Reportedly the next style in the sneaker coming is this sleek black silhouette labeled “Dark Slate,” so if you missed out on the ‘Cloud White,” this could be your chance at redemption.

This isn’t the first weird-looking shoe West designed that flew off shelves. The YEEZY FOAM RUNNER and Slides also sold out despite being trashed when they were first unveiled.

It’s clear when it comes to kicks, Kanye West does have the Midas touch. He’s gonna need the money to recoup all of the bread he spent on that bootleg presidential campaign that allegedly cost him his marriage.

Photo: Yeezy / YeezySupply.com