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You’ve probably been masturbating for years, and by now you likely think you’re a pro at it. And, yes, you can make yourself climax, but you’re probably not experiencing as much pleasure as you can. Why? Complacency is the primary culprit. Every man lessens his ability to receive maximum pleasure by doing what literally comes easy. If you want to have more enjoyable experiences during your self-pleasure practice, take a look at these five things ways to get more pleasure with each stroke.

The Quick Beat

Giving yourself a quickie hand job places your body under extreme stress to perform and shortens the amount of time you actually have to receive pleasure. By masturbating quickly, you are also training yourself to reach orgasm quickly with or without a partner. Take your time and stroke yourself consciously to enjoy the nuances of pleasure on the journey toward your climax.

Focusing on the Nut

Getting to the orgasm is everyone’s goal during sex, but focusing solely on the end experience disconnects you from being present, which often makes it difficult to reach orgasm at all. Instead try centering your energy and efforts around what’s making you aroused, such as your hand movements, fantasies, or the size of your erection. This will help you last longer and enjoy the ride.

Same ’Ole Techniques

You likely have a technique that you know gets you off with ease, but using the same roadmap can become mundane and predictable. Alternate your routines and discover new ways to reach climax. Use toys, a different hand or strokes, or vary the objects you use to stimulate yourself. You can even incorporate deep breathing into your practice to relax your mind and body. By switching things up, you can discover new hotspots on your penis that you never knew existed.

Climaxing  Every Time

Your orgasm is attached to your ejaculation. This is a natural process your body performs for the purpose of procreation. If you are not planning for conception, which in masturbation you are not, then you are wasting your seed and your vital life force energy. Learn how to become multi-orgasmic and enjoy more energy for your everyday activities by retaining your semen when masturbating.

Holding Your Breath

The process of masturbation brings about many different experiences in the body. Holding the breath or slipping into short, fast breathing commonly occurs during self-pleasuring. But when you hold your breath, you’re creating an anxious environment within your body. Relax by breathing deeply as you stroke yourself. Deep breathing activates relaxation on a cellular level that increases your pleasure potential. Bring yourself more pleasure by making your belly expand as you inhale, and returning your belly to its contracted state as you exhale.

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