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Dating apps are fun, until they aren’t. That shift typically happens when you stop—or figure out you haven’t ever really been—connecting with your top picks.

Whether you’re male or female, the odds of meeting someone increase significantly once you jump on an app, so abandoning them is not a winning strategy. Here’s what you can do instead.

1 Upgrade Your Photos

Looks are everything on dating apps. If your profile only consists of images that aren’t your best, you’re not going to motivate people to swipe right. If you’re lucky enough to make a few matches with subpar photos, know that the person is going to look at your profile periodically—and even show friends. Yes, you will be continuously judged by the same three photos. Take some time to get them right.

2 Kill the Dry Responses

Hi. How’s your day? Cool. Even if you’re a universal 10, you’re losing points for being boring AF. Step it up. Show some personality. Take initiative. Ask more probing, but appropriate, questions. Give the person on the other end of the chat a reason to look forward to speaking with you versus hundreds of other matches.

3 Rethink Sarcasm

You may be Chris Rock in person but via text your quips will make you sound like an opening act on old-school Apollo. If you’re naturally humorous, try to get to a phone conversation, where tone and context will help you shine. Also accept a glaring possibility: you’re not as funny as you think.

4 Be Timely

Waiting hours or days between responses kills the chances of creating a vibe and diminishes the likelihood of building momentum in any conversation. The result? You’re starting from scratch each time you swap texts and things will likely dry up quickly. Instead of texting, ask the individual for a time to set up a phone call.

5 Get to IRL

Whether it’s a phone call, a coffee or drink, or an official date you need to have human contact ASAP. This is the only way to become a real person in the other individual’s mind. Unless someone hears your voice or sees your face, you are completely disposable and will not be remembered. Set up a moment.

6 Be Nice Even When It’s Wrong

Here’s the thing about dating apps, they’re all based on proximity. That means that your old right swipe’s single friends are now your dating pool. What will your last match say about you when someone shows your profile? Riiiiiiight. It’s a small dating world. Don’t be an asshole, creepy or difficult. Word gets around.