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As Bronny James decides to take his talents to USC, his little brother Bryce has an announcement of his own.

Ahead of his junior year at high school, Bryce has transferred from Sierra Canyon to Campbell Hall. The school is located in California’s Studio City neighborhood and boasts a $50,000 tuition. But, with LeBron James’ billionaire status, it’s worth the price to see the burgeoning 6’6″ teenager grow as a player after balling alongside his brother recently.

A decade ago, Campbell was in its heyday when brothers Aaron, Jrue, and Justin Holliday played together. Nowadays, the school boasts the second coming of some NBA talents like Richard Hamilton II, the son of retired NBA star Richard Hamilton and comedian Bill Bellamy’s son, Baron Bellamy.

One of the major changes for Bryce will be his new coach, David Grace, who previously was the associated head coach at Vanderbilt for three years.

Grace spoke to ESPN about the unique opportunity to coach Bryce and said he’ll encourage him to remain himself despite how hectic being the son of LeBron James is.

“I want Bryce, if I get to coach him, to be Bryce,” Grace told ESPN. “Because that’s special, and I want him to get the most out of his experience here at Campbell Hall and grow. He’s going to have way more than just me helping, but I’m going to try to do my part. I understand where he’s coming from to a point. I’m not him. My family wasn’t in that spotlight, but I’ve been around the spotlight and I can share my experiences, or I can just understand his experiences. That’s where I’ll grow as a coach.”

While he can’t relate too closely to James’ spotlight, he has coached under the bright lights before. He previously worked under Michelle Obama’s brother Craig Robinson at Oregon State and was at UCLA during Lonzo Ball‘s tenure.

“I got to learn a lot. I got to know how [fame] impacted Lonzo in college,” Grace told ESPN. “I got to see it every day. We went to Australia before the season started, and the first time I actually saw it was when we played a game against a pro team and the fans came onto the floor after the game to get to Lonzo. And I’m saying, ‘Wow, that’s the crazy power of social media.’ Lonzo hadn’t even played a game, an official game at UCLA yet.”

Like his brother, Bryce may be switching things up, but he’ll still be playing in California. See how Twitter reacted to Bronny’s decision to play at USC.

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