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Papoose Builds On Black Love on ‘Listen To Black Men’ Ep. 4

Listen To Black Men Ep. 4

Source: iOne Digital / Interactive One

In the latest episode of the digital series Listen To Black Men, Papoose and the crew discuss the many facets of Black love and marriage.

Whenever Black love and marriage have been the topic of discussion, it’s not often that we get to hear how Black men feel about it. To this point, there also haven’t been many truly safe spaces devoid of conflict where they can opine about their perspective. In the new episode of Listen To Black Men, Papoose returns to chop it up with hosts Mouse Jones, Jeremie Rivers, and Tyler Chronicles about Black men’s feelings on polygamy, holding the family down, and other topics about Black love.

Mouse Jones starts off the discussion with an explosive subject, referencing a recent statement from podcast host Dr. Umar Johnson saying that “polygamy is for alpha males”. Jeremie Rivers immediately called “cap”, leading everyone to crack up. “To say that that’s only reserved for alpha males, I just call cap on that,” he continued. “That’s a decision that you have to make. That doesn’t mean that you’re not an alpha male if you don’t want to participate.”

“See, I don’t play games like that where I gotta put a label on myself. What are these guys doing, are they like Bloods and Crips?”, Papoose joked. “As far as being a polygamist, as what he calls himself, to a certain extent it’s foolishness. Who’s creating these new words, man? Let’s just call them what they are, cheating’ ass n—-s.”

The conversation pivoted to the Black family and Mouse Jones asked Papoose, “How important is it to you to see the idea of the Black family continue to grow and to see other Black men continue to sustain Black families?” “I tell you this – it was by default,” Papoose responded. “You know, my wife (Remy Ma) she blew trial and when she blew trial it messed everything up. So I just supported her, bro, to the maximum, to the most I possibly can to where I didn’t support myself.” He let the other hosts know how he feels being that example: “That told me that the world is tired of seeing our people depicted in that way, bro. I feel proud to see that we can influence the culture in a positive way.”

Dive into more of the discussion in the latest episode of Listen To Black Men above!