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Dwayne Johnson Confirms Hobbs Return To 'Fast & Furious'

Source: Universal Pictures / Hobbs & Shaw / Dwyane Johnson

The world’s worst-kept secret has been confirmed, and FINALLY, HOBBS HAS COME BACK TO FAST & FURIOUS.

Following a website leak ruining the big reveal that Dwayne Johnson is back in the Fast & Furious franchise in a Fast X post-credit scene, Johnson, who is no stranger to leaking big reveals, confirmed his return to the billion-dollar movie franchise.

In his typical fashion, Johnson hopped on his social media accounts, dropping a particularly long video announcing to fans what they already knew that Luke Hobbs was back and thanking them for being so excited about it.

Per CNN, Johnson teased what’s to come when Hobbs finally encounters Jason Momoa’s cynical Dante Spears in the forthcoming second part of the Fast X finale. “If you thought that ‘The Rock’ versus ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin headlining three WrestleManias was earth-shattering, well, wait until you see Dante and Hobbs collide.”

But, still, the 100lb elephant in the room is how this happened. Johnson made it clear he was not feeling Vin Diesel begging him to return and took some shots at his Fast & Furious co-star. That’s all water under the bridge now, with Johnson saying in the video that the conversation between the two action stars “lead with brotherhood and resolve – and always take care of the franchise, characters & FANS that we love.”

Johnson continues, “The next Fast & Furious film you’ll see the legendary lawman in will be the HOBBS movie that will serve as a fresh, new chapter & set up for FASTX: Part II.”

Basically, Diesel and Johnson agreed that it’s all about family.

Is Johnson Trying To Make Us Forget About Black Adam?

While, yes, this is exciting news because Johnson’s Hobbs was one of the many bright spots of the Fast & Furious franchise, some folks are saying the former professional wrestler is trying to make us forget all about Black Adam and the mess that turned out to be.

We also can’t forget how mad Tyrese was about Hobbs getting his own standalone franchise. But that one-sided beef is also done cooking, and now they are buddies again.

So, yes, in the end, it’s all about the power of la familia.

Photo: Universal Pictures / Hobbs & Shaw