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Ye aka Kanye West has, apparently, made his antisemitism a problem for everyone around him, from the brands his name has been associated with to the platforms that stream his music to his ex-employees and colleagues. But it is his ex-wife and mother to his children, Kim Kardashian, who appears to be having the most trouble grappling with it. And, unlike Yeezus’ ex-employees, who have said Ye’s pro-Nazi ways are nothing new, Kim appears to be surprised that she married a borderline Hitler cheerleader.

From Variety:

On the latest episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” filmed in the fall, Kim Kardashian cries as she speaks about her ex-husband Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks.

“It’s really confusing for me that it’s so different than the person that I married because that’s who I loved and that’s who I remember,” Kardashian says to the camera. “I’ll do anything to get that person back.”

She continues, “The whole situation is sad, and I don’t know how to emotionally manage it. I’m conflicted because I don’t ever want to jump in and be apart of a downfall for the father of my kids.”

“It’s really fking hard,” she adds. “And I don’t wish that upon anybody.”

In the episode, Kardashian is in conversation with her sister, Khloé Kardashian, distraught over how to navigate her emotions and the public backlash against her ex-husband’s hate speech, while continuing to support her children and their father. “I’m just not OK. I’m just having such a hard day today,” Kardashian says through tears to her sister. “I literally haven’t changed my outfit in like two days. I just have to get it together. I just can’t.”

Kim also said she felt “guilty that I posted something in support of the Jewish community,” in reference to her tweet from last year when she declared, without mentioning Ye by name, that “hate speech is never OK or excusable,” and that she stands “together with the Jewish community.”

Kardashian appeared to blame herself for Ye being “canceled” due to his own behavior.

“Is that my fault? That I posted that? And did that push them?” she asked. “And I should have just kept quiet? But I’m vocal about everything else…I never know what to do.”

Truthfully, Kim has been using her show to sing the post-Kanye blues ever since the power couple split up in 2021. It has, apparently, been rough, especially with her trying to shield the four children she shares with the Late Registration rapper from the public drama Ye keeps perpetuating. Still, there’s no reason she should be blaming herself for the consequences of Ye’s bigoted MAGA nonsense.

That’s all on him.

Here’s how Twitter reacted the last time West said something that left Kardashian anxiety-ridden.

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