Kim Kardashian

If you thought the drama between the Ray-J and the Kardashian clan was over, you’re sorely mistaken. Ray-J’s feud has been reignited after the family’s matriarch Kris appeared on a recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden where she and daughter Kylie participated in a lie detector test. With all the controversy […]

Kim Kardashian said it had been nearly ten years since she styled herself without assistance from Kanye West. Well, according to the rapper, his ex-wife's attempt at dressing herself only left her looking like an animated housewife from FOX.

Kim Kardashian is over the rumors of a second, raunchier sex tape of her and Ray J. So she's ready to burn all the money needed so she can move on - and she wants to burn Wack 100 along with it.

Oh, Kim. Sometimes you just need to take your L and mind your business. Kim Kardashian waited about three weeks to finally “apologize” for her “advice” to women in business, which wasn’t so much advice as it was an impersonation of out-of-touch boomers shouting at millennials about what they think the younger generation’s work ethic […]

Reggie Bush's wife looks eerily similar to Kim Kardashian. Now, Ye's new girlfriend Chaney Jones looks a lot like Ms. Kardashian, too. But according to TMZ, Jones says she doesn't see it.

Trevor Noah tackled the public spat between Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, and his former wife Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson on The Daily Show. Noah spoke about the concerns that should be raised as the situation has gotten "more and more belligerent".

Kim Kardashian was garnering a lot of sympathy due to her dealing with an emotionally unstable ex who had been giving off major stalker vibes. (Y’all know him. He’s somewhat of a Hip Hop jeen-yuhs.) But it seems that whenever a Kardashian or Jenner starts getting people to be on their side, they open their […]