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No, you weren’t in a dream; Larsa Pippen really is dating her ex-husband’s teammate Michael Jordan‘s son.

The couple has been going strong since going public with their relationship in January and may have hit their first hiccup and like most couples it came from one of the parents.

Michael Jordan was recently caught leaving a restaurant when a TMZ photographer asked if he approved of Marcus’ relationship with Larsa, which has a 16-year age gap. At first, the laughed off the question, but when he was asked again, he let out an emphatic “No!”

Larsa got wind of MJ’s disapproval and it didn’t sit well with her so she addressed it on the Separation Anxiety podcast she shares with Marcus. Marcus comforted Larsa’s stance on Michael’s comments and downplayed it.

“I know my dad, and obviously my whole family, we’re so competitive, part of our DNA is to talk sh-t, it gets us going and gets us motivated. And when I saw it immediately I thought, ‘He’s playing.’ He’s joking, he’s laughing. He’s just being playful, he’s a little lit, maybe off the Socorro [tequila],” Marcus said.

Marcus did however acknowledge why Larsa would feel uncomfortable.

“Yeah,” Larsa replied. “I kind of felt like it went everywhere and I was kind of like embarrassed.”

Larsa was then concerned that people would think she lied, because she already told the media that she’d met Marcus’ parents and gotten their approval, saying, “Oh my God, I was traumatized. I was like, ‘What are we going to do? People think I lied.'”

Marcus also addressed the true reason Michael possibly has an issue with Marcus’ relationship with Larsa is because of Michael’s testy relationship with Scottie Pippen.

“At the root of it all obviously is my dad’s relationship with your ex Scottie [Pippen]. Obviously, we never talk about that and I don’t think my dad wanted to comment on that. There’s always that narrative, the rumor that I’m dating you in some sort of way to get back at whatever was said, and if my dad comes out and says, ‘Yes,’ he’s fuelling that narrative or whatever. I think he said no just in a joking way, knowing how Jordans play around, and so I thought it was funny from the jump.”

Here’s how Twitter reacted when rumors of Larsa dating Marcus first began:

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