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Each week CASSIUS’ resident sexpert Glamazon Tyomi answers questions from fans and clients to help you with all your sex-related quarantine needs and make sure you don’t get too bored. This week she responds to a letter from a guy who wants to know how to upgrade his sexual experiences by becoming a pro at sensual massages.

Hey Tyomi,

I’m really into my girl and always looking for new ways to arouse her, and help her totally relax when we have sex. We have pretty good communication. She says she really enjoys our sex life, but I can tell she still has some apprehension about opening up fully when we are intimate. I’ve heard a lot about erotic massage and I’m hoping this will help her relax more. I already give her back rubs and foot massages, so I’m pretty good with my hands. I still want to up my game. Any tips?


Hey Max,

It is my pleasure to assist you in learning more about the art of massage. In erotic massage, the focus is your partner’s erogenous zones and “sexy parts.” I encourage practitioners of erotic massage to use more than just their hands; your tongue, lips and body-to-body contact help upgrade the experience. There are a variety of techniques that you can use to stimulate your girl. Here are a few basics.

 1 Flat Hand Strokes

Pour a teaspoon of natural oil (coconut oil is a common oil to use) into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to warm up the oil, and to moisturize the palms of your hands. Lay your hands on her back and massage with long, slow strokes concentrating your energy into the palm of your hand. Be sure to keep your hands moist and move both hands in the same direction to deliver a fluid, pleasurable stroke.

2 Feather Finger Stroke

Use the tips of your fingers to lightly caress her skin. Start by trailing your fingertips down her back along her spine, neck, and thighs. You can repeat this same stroke on her lips, breasts, abdomen, and bikini area when you turn her over.

3 Mouth Massage

Use your mouth to massage and lay kisses all over her body. You can use your lips at any time during the massage when you feel compelled to connect erotically. Use your lips on her neck, along her spine, on her lips, nips, between her legs and beyond. Use your tongue to tickle and tease her body, especially her sensitive areas like her neck, nipples, bikini area, feet, and backs of knees.


 Communication is key

Communication during massage is everything. Watch how her body responds, and make sure you periodically check-in for a verbal confirmation of what feels good. Encourage her to deeply relax by offering an eye mask so she can simply escape in the moment. Most importantly, enjoy each other.

With Love,

Glamazon Tyomi

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