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Summer is coming to an end, which means if you’re just “having fun” with someone your mental clock is telling you it’s time to to cool down. But things aren’t over yet. The weather is still warm, and you actually look forward to leaving the house, so wrap things up on a high note.  Here are five ways to turn up the heat with summer bae before it’s time to ghost (or get ghosted).


1 Go Some Place Sexy

Between vacation days and summer Fridays, you’ve got the time for a getaway. Before the weather cools down, hit up a sexy destination made for two. Whether you road trip to a nude beach and hop on a plane to check out an erotic resort on some island, only three things are needed: cash, condoms and consent. Make it count.

2 Make A Hit List

You know all those things you daydream about, but were too nervous to ask your ex to do? Do that. Whether it’s a threesome, a weird location or some freaky fetish, now is the time to try new sexual experiences, no strings, shame or compromise attached.

3 Up Your Game

Wrap the season up with a major BANG! Need to improve on a few skills? Just do it. Think of these last few weeks as summer training. Practice whatever you want to improve for next season, foreplay, stroking, massage, cooking or whatever else you want to get right to make sure that your ish is tight.

4 Shoot a Flick

Memories don’t leave like people do. Get your Spike on. Find out if your partner is interested in creating a a little memento of your time together, namely a video that isn’t meant for public consumption (unless you want to take it there). The act of filming your erotic exploits is just another way to add an element of excitement to your sexual experience.

5Play Hookie

Cut days are the best days. Tap into your less responsible side and just have fun. Hit up the movies on a random day. Go to the beach. Take a day trip someplace you’ve been meaning to venture off to.