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Have you ever asked your homeboy/homegirl for advice on how to shoot your shot at someone you’re interested in only to have that friend give you bad advice that causes your “shot” to be an immediate brick? Well, if that has happened to you, at least you’re fortunate enough not to have it happen while you’re a popular internet personality with a famous shot-shooting advisor and equally famous crush—because then your rejection might happen very publicly.

Such is the case for Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat, who, last month, caused a chaotic scene in NYC through an ill-advised attempt at giving away free PS5s. Recently, Cenat had Migos rapper Offset on his Twitch stream, and he asked Offset’s advice on how he could draw the attention and affections of none other than SOS songstress SZA.

From HipHopDX:

After shaking his head at Kai’s initial idea — which involved messaging SZA: “Hello, how you doing? Dat ass was fat in the last music video” — Offset advised him to slide into SZA’s Instagram DMs in more cool and cryptic fashion.

“That ain’t playa, that ain’t P. You gotta ease your way [in], man,” Set said. “‘I got an idea’… that’s what you say. That’s just to get the little bite. ‘I got an idea’ — it’s simple.”

He cautioned: “But then, see, when you do that, you get the reply? You gotta have an idea.”

While Offset’s suggestion left Kai Cenat screaming at the top of his lungs with excitement, it appears SZA had a very different reaction to his cocky DM.

Now, granted, Offset’s advice to Cenat was a better alternative to the absolutely asinine approach Cenat was planning, which was the kind of pick-up line weirdos leave in women’s DMs across social media on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean it was good advice. It was also incomplete advice since Cenat would still have to come up with an intriguing “idea” when he wasn’t even clever enough to come up with something better than “Dat ass was fat” on his own. And that’s provided that Cenat got a response from SZA in the first place, which he did in a way, but not the kind of response that would allow him a follow-up.

“I can’t send any more messages, bro,” Cenat said in another video after finally picking his jaw up off the floor, apparently believing SZA responded to his message by blocking him. “On God! I can’t send any more messages, bro!”

Cenat appears to assume he was blocked because the message at the bottom of his un-returned DM read, “Invite sent. You can send more messages after your invite is accepted,” but that might not actually be the case.

More from HipHopDX:

Kai Cenat’s fear may be somewhat unfounded, though, as SZA may not have actually blocked him. The invite feature was introduced by Instagram in August and means users you don’t follow can only send a one-message invite before they can start chatting with you.

Previously, users you didn’t follow could send an unlimited number of message requests, which could get out of hand pretty quickly. Message requests could also include photos, videos or voice notes, whereas this new feature only permits text.

So, chill out, bro. Maybe your celebrity crush hasn’t broken your poor little heart just yet.

You’re still kind of publicly embarrassing yourself though.