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Miami Heat v Toronto Raptors

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Dwyane Wade Is Returning to the Heat for ‘One Last Dance’.

Wade announced his retirement on Sunday with a video titled “One Last Dance.” In the video, he also announced his return to the Miami Heat before he throws in the towel.

“I feel it’s right to ask you guys to ask you to join me for one last dance, for one last season,” Wade says in the video. “I’ve given this game everything that I’ve had, and I’m happy about that. And I’m gonna give it for one last season, everything I have.”

The end of an era. Watch the bittersweet clip below.

A Guide to Using iOS 12.

iOS 12 as arrived with its sparkly new features, and Macworld’s showing you how to use the best ones.

“We here at Macworld have spent the last several months tinkering with all of these new options in the iOS 12 beta, and over that time a few have emerged as our favorites,” Macworld writes. And they say that once you find your groove, iOS 11 will feel “ancient and inefficient by comparison”—even if 12’s features aren’t really all that new (they note that many were already available on competing operating systems).

But enough chatter. Here’s how to use the Measure app and more.

What Would Rihanna Do?

According to Issa Rae, all of life’s most important decisions—at least when it comes to fame—can be made by asking this question.

“Rihanna is my girl crush. I would just love to adapt her ‘I don’t give a f–k’-ness,” Rae recently told PageSix. “It’s just so admirable, especially as I get more and more attention. I have to start not giving a f–k, and I look to her, literally, like, ‘What would Rihanna do? What would Rihanna say?’”

A very legit question, if you ask us.

ScHoolboy Q Has Postponed His Album.

Q, who was a good friend of Mac Miller, says he’s just not ready to put out new music in the wake of Miller’s death.

“You know I drop albums every two years, right? […] But listen, with my n*gga gone right now, I just don’t feel right putting out an album,” Q told his audience at a recent show. “As y’all can tell, I’m not my real self right now. I shouldn’t even be here right now. But like I said, my n*gga Mac would not want me to be in the house sad. He would clown me for some weird sh*t. I’m here today because it’s no way he would allow me to sit in the house and be a little b*tch. I’m not gonna be a little b*tch.”

The album will happen, he added later, but right now he needs time to heal.

“I promise that,” he continued. “I’m just not ready to walk into the radio station and the first thing they ask me is, ‘So Mac Miller…’ I’m not ready to deal with those questions. So, right now, I’m not ready to put nothing.”

The fans understand, Q.

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